What makes our moisturiser different (and we believe better)

Our Moisturiser 01 has just seven ingredients. Pure, distilled, Irish spring water makes up 75% (well, 74.94%, to be strictly accurate) of the contents, and three gentle, certified-organic oils (Apricot, Safflower and Broccoli Seed) takes the total to 95% (well, alright, 94.94%). To stop the water and oil from separating, we add two natural emulsifiers – both of which are plant derived (they are made using vegetable oils and gums) – which account for a further 3.06% of the total (one also helps thicken it). That last 1%? A plant-derived preservative.

We make our Moisturiser 01 in a large, stainless steel vessel, slowly adding each ingredient by hand and gently stirring (with the help of a hand blender) it for hours (and hours and hours). The result? A naturally hydrating, easily absorbed moisturiser that can be used on your face (or any other part of your body) with wonderful results. A big, well-known, skincare manufacturer would almost certainly give this wonderful product a fancy name and sell it in a swish little jar as a facial moisturiser, serum or cream. We have taken a different approach, by offering our Moisturiser 01 in a 300ml bottle (so that you have enough to use regularly on your face and body) and at a fair price, which accurately reflects the cost of the ingredients and our time.